Software Engineering

 We at Knowledgeware Technologies use the established and sound engineering principles in order to obtain software reliable, efficiently and economically on real machines. The ingredients of success are an enthusiastic and capable team, a competent manager and proper funding but more than 85% of the software development projects fail due to lack of the proper management of above mention items. As a healthy brain in a human is important so is in the machines. Software is the brain of a system that interacts with people and other systems. Delivering the right software is the key to success. The challenge is not only to do it faster but also with quality, cost and within schedule.

Knowledgeware Technologies practices and adopts within the framework of The Capability Maturity Model. The CMM describes an evolutionary path from an ad hoc, chaotic process to a mature, disciplined one. DMS covers practices for planning, engineering and managing software development, which have always proven to improve the ability of our organization to satisfy cost, schedule, and functionality and product-quality goals. This was developed at Carnegie Mellon University in 1989 that outlines the elements of an effective software process.